The run up to Christmas
7th December 2018
Something new for 2019
1st February 2019

mypetstop has always delivered an exceptional service and level of care for all the pets that stay with us. With our three packages and different types of accommodation, you as the customer have been able to make your own decisions as to how your pet is cared for while it boards with mypetstop.  For example, how many walks your dog should have, how much extra time should be spent with your dog in stimulating activity. But with the new DEFRA regulations (The Animal Welfare Regulations 2018) that govern all activities involving animals, some of those decision have now been taken out of the customers hands. This will have a huge impact on the man hours that are required to deliver the service. The increased administration is not such a challenge for us as we have always maintained rigorous paperwork on each pet that stays with us.

In order to continue to deliver our exceptional service it has become apparent that some of the changes to the DEFRA regulations will have a serious impact on cost. This not only affects mypetstop but all pet boarding facilities and home boarders. As a business we fully support any regulation that improves the care and protection of animals who are staying in a boarding establishment. It is just a shame that the authors of the new regulations didn’t take into consideration the considerable costs that are now imposed on boarding facilities and the impact that will have on future  pricing. We are aware that a lot of independent borders are choosing to cease trading from 1st January 2019.

We have tried very hard not to increase our prices over the last few years, even in light of the ever increasing minimum wage and the huge increase in our business rates. But we are now in a position where we need to increase our prices to cover the extra costs we will now incur. Our prices will increase with effect from 1st January 2019.

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