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There are plenty of things for your dog to look forward to when staying with us. Here is an example of a typical day for your dog at mypetstop


What’s that noise? It must be the staff getting ready to take me out for my walk – I can’t wait! I’m so excited, the days are so fun here at mypetstop…

6.15am to 10.00am

Outside we go! And it’s a lovely day today too. Yesterday it rained non stop and they still took me out. The pet carers, don’t seem to mind what the weather’s like – I think they enjoy coming out as much as I do! When I get back from my walk, Gemma, one of my carers, checks over my body to make sure I’m fit and healthy. I notice Gemma writing on a sheet attached to my apartment door – I think everything is noted down so that all the other carers know my health history. And hey – my apartment’s been tidied. Lovely and clean, with fresh water and my all-important breakfast laid out. After breakfast I fancy a bit of a snooze – who doesn’t when they’re on holiday?

Modern dog apartments

Our range of modern apartments have everything required to make your dogs stay as comfortable as possible.


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We offer a range of extra activities and services so you can tailor your dogs stay to just the way they would want it.

10.00am to 3.00pm

Time to see my pals in Doggy Day Camp – wooo-hoooo! My parents have booked me in for a couple of days during my two-week stay and it’s well worth it. I get to play and socialise with my friends for a couple of hours. There’s loads of room to run wild but it’s all supervised to keep everyone in check! On the days they didn’t book doggy day camp I have an extra walk instead.  I also get some of my favourite treats and my lunch. Gemma gives me some one-to-one time. That means plenty of cuddles and attention! My water gets changed again so it’s nice and fresh, and now it’s time for a dog-nap. At 2.15 Gemma and Clair have a meeting.  Clair will be looking after me for the rest of the day and Gemma wants to make sure she knows everything that happened that morning so she knows whats going on.

4.30pm to 8.45pm

After my snooze, Clair pops into my apartment to give it a quick clean and make sure I’m feeling okay. It’s nice to have regular contact with my carer. I think she might have taken a shine to me. Time for my final activity of the day – a fun-run in the paddock. This is a huge grassy area – secure, of course – but it’s so big it must be the size of a football pitch. Speaking of which, that ball… over here! My carer and I run about together, playing with toys and burning off all my excess energy. I will be ready for bed after this! When I return to my apartment, it’s been cleaned again and my evening meal is ready and waiting.

8.45pm to 9.00pm

As I get settled down, Clair pops in to make sure I’m happy, and then that’s it for the day. Looking back, today’s been great. I wonder what activities I’ve got lined up for tomorrow…

Night Time Staff on site between 9pm and 6am

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