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Remember, Remember the 5th of November – or would you and your furry friend rather not!

Bonfire night, while a fun night for lots of people can be full of anxiety for pet and their owners. Many pets are frightened of fireworks, and Bonfire Night can be a night you have both started to dread.

But there are lots of ways to help ease the stress of these occasions, and clever and canny ways to help your pets cope.
Number one priority is to ensure your pet is in a safe place and one they can’t escape from. It’s not that they are wanting to escape but if they hear a loud bang, their natural instinct will be to flee. But Just to be on the safe side, because accidents can happen even with most vigilant owners, make sure your pet’s microchip and tag is up to date.

Another idea would be to feed them and walk them early before it gets dark. Close your curtains and put on the TV or radio to drown out the loud bangs and high-pitched sounds. Make a den or a safe place for your pet, with plenty of their favourite toys and treats. If they are receptive, distract with them games; make the evening a fun time for them.

If your pet is very anxious you may need to discuss this with your vet and look at medication that can help them through this stressful time. Added to this there are lots of herbal remedies on the market like Skullcap and Valerian tablets that are known to help stressed pets. Or even try diffusers that use pheromones.

It may be helpful, if you know your pet is anxious at this time of year, to start some training a few weeks before the event. You can buy CD’s or download firework sequences, thunder and other loud noises. By playing this around the house, maybe quietly to begin with, you can slowly de-sensitize your pet to these noises. Another suggestion would be to try a dog anxiety vest. These can be bought on-line and have been known to calm down a stressed dog.

But if you would like some help, why not come to mypetstops firework party. The night will be focused on keeping your best friend calm and happy, while learning lots of techniques which you can use in the future. You will be with like minded people and pets who are all looking to enjoy bonfire night with the rest of the population, just in a different way!

So your checklist for the 5th November is:-

  • Schedule meals and walks early
  • Muffle the noise if you can
  • Use ‘sound’ training
  • Keep your dog occupied
  • Comfort your dog
  • If you are very concerned consult a professional.

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