1 To 1 & Behavioural

121 & Behavioural Training

This type of training is ideal for those who need help to address a specific issue which cannot be addressed in a traditional training class environment.  It can also be used for extra practice if your dog is struggling with a specific exercise or to get some last minute practice before a competition or exam.

Behavioural Training

Our behavioural training is designed for dogs whose behaviour is unsuitable for collective training classes and have an emotional or psychological problem that normal training methods are unable to treat.

Changing an emotional or psychological problem can be difficult and requires highly specialised training methods. At mypetstop we treat all dogs as individuals so you can rest assured that we’ll provide solutions tailored to you, your dog and the specific issues you are faced with. This will help you to understand and change the undesirable behaviour revealing your true dog.

The training is ideal for dogs who are vocal and reactive around people and other dogs, dogs with separation issues or dogs that display multiple naughty behaviours.

People can get very upset and frustrated when they have to live with dogs with behavioural issues and the behavioural training we provide helps you as a dog owner understand, address and improve the relationship you have with your dog.

One-To-One Training Sessions

121 Training is for dogs who are struggling to pick up a specific exercise during a more traditional training class, would like additional practice or have an exam or competition and need some additional support.

121 sessions consist of a 1-hour appointment where you will receive the full attention of the trainer.  They will take time to understand your issues then provide a bespoke training experience for you and your dog.

You will also receive a tailored follow up report with a review of what has been covered and a detailed plan of action.

Puppy One-To-One Training Sessions

121 Puppy Training is ideal for new puppy owner who are having problems with aspects of their puppy’s behaviour that is not covered extensively in a training class such as toilet training, jumping up, barking, mouthing, crate training, chewing and Zoomies

Please contact us on 0191 5371344 to book your session or for more information and prices.