Small Animals

Small animals, rabbits and birds don’t get overlooked at mypetstop.  they might not be as big as dogs or cats but they’re just as important. here are some of the services we can offer them.

mypetstop bird room

If you’re a bird owner, you’ll be pleased to know mypetstop now have two rooms dedicated to our feathered friends.  We give them a variety of toys to play with and plenty of time to stretch their wings outside the cage (but still in a controlled environment). It’s only fair – and we certainly don’t want to ruffle any feathers!

You’ll also appreciate that we’ve deliberately situated our bird accommodation next to reception. As sociable creatures they love the large windows, and especially having a nosey who’s coming and going throughout the day.

We also have a radio, television and video recorder and some of our regular boarders enjoy watching their favourite programs or films throughout the day.

mypetstop rabbitry

In 2011 we opened our Rabbitry at mypetstop Washington.

In our specially designed rabbitry we have four rabbit rooms and a range of themed cages, If your bunny is used to lots of freedom you can hire out the whole room which will give them the freedom to roam all day long or your bunny can stay in the Train, Fire Engine, Pink Castle, or Long Run were they get an hours playtime a day.

Small Pet Accommodation

We can look after all small pets for you –  everyone likes their home comforts so you’re more than welcome to bring your pet’s cage and toys when they stay with us. Of course, we can provide accommodation too. Either way, it will be cleaned regularly so they stay comfortable.


You can call in for  a Site Tour any day between 11 am and 2pm

We offer a range of extra activities and services so you can tailor your pets stay to just the way they would want it.