Traditional kennels time schedule

mypetstop traditional kennels offer an alternative boarding experience for your dog. Perfect for larger breeds and those dogs who like to be outside throughout the day


I can hear someone coming! It’s Amy, she’s coming to let me outside then take me for a walk. I love being at mypetstop, I get to go outside whenever I want and have a good sniff around…

6.15am to 10.00am

Amy checked to make sure I had been ok during the night and opened my unit so I can run outside. She’ll come back soon and take me for a walk.  No matter what the weather the staff make sure I get my walk. On the way back from my walk Amy takes a detour to the weighing room.  She checks my weight and my body to make sure I’m fit and healthy. Amy updates my record cards ready to show my mam and dad when they collect me to go home.  It also means all the other carers know my health history.

When we get back my kennel is clean and tidy too.  My water has been changed and my breakfast is ready and waiting. Some of the dogs are having a snooze but I’m going outside to explore.  I want to have a sniff around see what’s going on with everyone else this morning.

Standard Kennels

our standard kennels are more of a traditional design which makes them big and airy with their own designated outside space


You can call in for  a Site Tour any day between 11 am and 2pm

We offer a range of extra activities and services so you can tailor your dogs stay to just the way they would want it.

10.00am to 3.00pm

I’ve had a great time doggy watching this morning and now its time for a snooze.  I’m going to cuddle up in my warm bed until Amy brings my dinner.  There’s some really nice music on the radio today to help my nod off. When Amy comes round with my lunch she changes my water again.  She also checks my kennel to see if it needs to be cleaned again.

After lunch my uncle John is coming in to see me.  He’s taking me out for a little walk around the grounds…I hope he’s bringing plenty of treats.  If not I will need to drag him along to the shop. At 2.15 Amy and Adam have a meeting.  Adam will be looking after me for the rest of the day and Amy wants to make sure he know everything that is going on.

4.30pm to 8.45pm

Uncle John’s walk is finished, he’s worn me out.  I’m going to get in a quick sleep before Adam comes round to check me and my unit again and bring along my dinner. I really like Adam and I’m sure he likes me too, he spent lots of time with me yesterday stroking and brushing me to make sure I was settled in. Here’s my dinner and it’s my favourite.  Mum and Dad have left me some of my favourite treats for desert too.

8.45pm to 9.00pm

Nearly time for lights out and I’ve had another fun filled day.  I love my holidays at mypetstop.  Adam has popped in again to say goodnight and I’m looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow. As I get settled down, one of my carers pops in to make sure I’m happy, and then that’s it for the day. Looking back, today’s been great. I wonder what activities I’ve got lined up for tomorrow…

Night Time Staff on site between 9pm and 6am

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