Dog Grooming Service

Grooming your pet regularly is a great way to keep their skin and coat healthy. Baths will help prevent fleas and ticks as well as skin disease, and brushing helps prevent mats and removes dead skin.

We have a fully-equipped, professional pet and dog grooming salon, complete with well-ventilated preparation rooms, walk-in baths, and a large styling area.

We offer a wide variety of Treatments

Breed Style Groom – your dog will be bathed, dried and brushed. Coat cut to owners specification or in line with breed standard. De-shed. Ears Cleaned. Nails Trimmed and Anal Glands expressed

Clip off Groom – your dog will be bathed, dried and brushed, Coat clipped to all the same length. Ears Cleand. Nails trimmed and Anal Glands expressed.

Luxury Bath – your dog will be bathed in luxury products and leave us with a beautiful soft, shiny coat.

Nail Clipping – £7.00

Tick Removal – £5.00

Anal Gland Expression – £7

Flea Treatment – £5.00

We now have a new additional service

Sea Mineral Mud Bath Treatment with Aloe Vera – this can be added onto any of our Grooms or Luxury Baths. It moisturises the skin whilst also removing dandruff and dead hair. The infused Aloe Vera helps calm allergic rashes, sunburn, insect bites and minor abrasions.

Your dog will love to be pampered in our full-service pet grooming salon. Our professional pet groomers are there to help make your pet’s grooming experience a relaxing and happy one. They also have tons of experience and will gladly give you expert advice should you need it.

In the meantime, just grab a cuppa and relax at the centre or leave your furry one with us and come back to a clean, tidy, happy pet.

We offer full dog grooming facilities and offer nail trimming for cats, small animals, rabbits and guinea pigs!