Doggy Day Camp

FREE Doggy Day Camp Assessment!

Our Doggy Day Camp provides a fun, safe environment for dogs to play together, develop social skills and receive lots of love and attention.

The huge indoor arena is purpose built and full of friendly dogs, lots of balls, equipment and a few up-for-it carers… with that you’ve got the most ultimate fun-filled day your dog could ever wish for!  In the warmer weather we even venture outside into the paddock to make the day just that little bit more special.

In addition to having an action-packed day, your dog will benefit from a full health check and brush through – just the same as they’d get in our Crèche.

Doggy Day Camp is available in sessions of two hours*, half day, or even a full day, and is available for day guests and dogs who board with us alike!

All we ask is that before your dog attends, you complete a questionnaire and then take part in a Doggy Day Camp assessment, completely free of charge, where your dog will spend a few hours with us undergoing a series of simple behavioural tests. The assessment will also allow your dog to meet the resident day campers to ensure they all get on.

All being well, it won’t be long until your dog is giddily chasing around after their new found friends!

*only available to our dog boarding customers.