Paddock Hire

Not only are we the number one choice for boarding, training, hydrotherapy and grooming, our two large grassed paddocks are also proving a hit with many of our four legged friends.

Available for both public and business hire, treat your dog to a good run and let them stretch their legs, they’ll thank you for it!

Secured by an 8 foot fence, our enclosed paddocks gives you peace of mind and allows you to safely let your dog off lead even if your canine companion is reactive or not great with other dogs.

It is also an ideal space to simply practice some training or recall, and allows you and your pet to have some fun without the fear of your dog running off.

Bowls of water and poo bags are provided, and we fill a large tub with cool water on particularly hot days to give your dog the chance to cool off. Of course you are very welcome to bring a ball, training dummy or any toys with you.

We all know that for dogs the muddier the better! So feel free to use our showers to rinse off any muck before the journey home. If you would prefer your dog to have a good scrub, you can even book a bath after your paddock hire and take your furry friend home tired and freshly pampered.

Every dog around loves our paddocks so be sure to book in quick and give your dog that much needed run! Whether you want some one on one time with your pet or you would like to bring a few doggy friends to join in the fun, you won’t be disappointed.