Puppy Fun Swim

Puppy Fun Swims are the ideal way to burn off your puppies excess energy

Puppy swims are ideal for dogs from 3 to 12 months.  Puppies are packed full of excess energy and this is an ideal low impact way to burn it off.

Puppy fun swims are the ideal way to burn off that excess energy without putting stresses on muscles or joints as at this age they are still developing.

Our hydrotherapists will support your puppy, teaching them how to swim in a safe and secure environment so they become confident in water from an early age.

The sessions are packed full of your dogs favourite toys and take place in our fully equipped heated swimming pool.  Bring along your camera and join in the fun.

Our pool beats those dirty pond’s, muddy puddles and without the mess of the beach!

We will even bath and towel dry your dog after the session ensuring they leave us smelling fresh.

Call us today on 0191 537 1344 to discuss your dogs needs or why not book your appointment online.

remember to wear old clothes as you may get wet.

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