Dog Fun Swim

Fun Swim

A fun swim could be the ideal treat for your dog.  Your dog’s session in the pool will be packed with their favourite toys in our warm pool.

For dogs over 12 months Hydrotherapy is perfect for those dogs that love to swim in lakes and rivers without the muddy mess and smell.  We will also support those dogs that are less confident around water and before long they’ll have a big wet smile on their face. As well as being fun our swimming session’s also provide the following benefits to your dog.

  • Provide low-impact exercise
  • Increase flexibility
  • Build strength
  • Alternative to walking/running
  • Fun activity for your dog
  • Enjoy it together – Take photo’s.

The best thing about it is that they can achieve all this while having lots of fun splashing about in the pool! Bring along your camera and join in the fun. We will even bath and towel dry your dog after the session ensuring they leave us feeling fresh. Book online through your mypetportal or contact us at