– one of the best ways to exercise your dog!

25% off your First Swim!

Dogs love swimming, simple as that. Given half the chance, most dogs will jump head first into any stretch of water – the muckier the better!  But don’t worry if your dog is more nervous around water we’re used to that too.  Our hydrotherapists will teach your dog to swim.


Here at mypetstop we offer a range of doggy hydrotherapy from fun swimming for puppies and dogs to medical swimming for those with injuries or needing to lose weight. We have a fully-equipped pool, and to say dogs enjoy diving in is an understatement. Aside from the fun factor, there are many other reasons to treat your dog to a swim. benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs

  • Improves circulation & cardiovascular fitness
  • Increases range of motion in joints
  • Strengthens and maintains muscles
  • Relieves pain, swelling and stiffness
  • Aids weight loss
  • Aids recovery from illness or injury
  • Increases flexibility

If you think this is something that your dog could benefit from, why not try mypetstop? All dogs swim with a life jacket, under the supervision of a trained hydrotherapist. Our large, fully-equipped pool is a warm 27-29 degrees and has seen all kinds of dogs leave with a big, wet smile on their face.  Your pet also gets washed before their swim and a nice shampoo after. We’ve even introduced online booking to make reserving your swim even easier….so why not do it today.  We’ll even give you 25% off your first swim.